What if there was a way to go from 1-3 wholesale deals a month to 10+ wholesale deals a month.


Is that something you’d be interested in scaling to?

If so, I had an idea that has worked well and I’m looking to do it again…

I’m looking to team up with some wholesalers who are doing 1-3 deals a month (consistently) but who want to grow.

I have a kick-ass system in place along with funding to deploy so instead of growing from within I’d rather share the wealth and team up with 6 guys/gals out there that want to grow.

We’d leverage my team, systems, expertise, and funding and combine them with your deals.

Result? I’ll get to deploy my resources and work with hungry entrepreneurs… and you’ll get access to some solid proven resources and grow from 1-3 deals to 10+ deals a month.


But here’s the thing: for this to work, you need the following…

  • You need to do 1-3 deals consistently each month
  • You must want to grow
  • You need to be a hungry entrepreneur (no tire-kickers who are looking for a fast buck)

You’d have direct access to me and my team, one on one, as we scale and grow together.

If this sounds like a fit for you, hit the button below and we’ll talk about how this can work together.